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April 21, 2012 / mylifewithghosts


Here I am again.  I last said I would talk about 1974.  During 1974 I worked at Texas Instruments in Austin and was a youth director for a small church.  During that time my siblings and I came to know some young people at a church in Austin.  We were telling them about the haunted house on Lake Travis and all of a sudden we heard a loud wail from the air duct in the sanctuary of their church.  The young people from the church said they had never heard anything like it before.  That started a period where we started visiting places around Austin that were supposed to be haunted.  Nothing ever happened, but it was a lot of fun.  My parents had a large station wagon we used for these excursions.  One day I thought about a road between Cedar Park and Round Rock.  There was a stretch of the road where the trees formed a tunnel.  That is what it was called (The Tunnel) when I was in high school.  It was known for its darkness at night and stories were told about it, such as a hook-man story.  A group of us hopped in the station wagon and drove to it one night.  We stopped on a stretch of the road and turned the headlights off…it was definitely very dark.  I turned the lights back on and we waited.  Brushy Creek was to our left and we could see it partially in the headlights.  The grass was at least a couple of feet tall and the tree limbs hung down pretty far, but there was a gap between them that allowed us to barely see the creek.  After a while I decided to try to get things going.  I declared out loud, “If there is anything here I command you in the name of Jesus Christ to make yourself known”.  We sat there and waited.  All of a sudden one of our group yelled, “LOOK!”  A short distance in front of us, something was coming out of the creek.  We could not see anyone there, but the grass was parting and the tree limbs were being pushed aside just as would happen when a person you can see was walking up from the creek to the road.  Everyone started yelling for me to go. I threw the car into gear and that was the closest I ever came to popping a wheelie with that station wagon. 

That signaled the close of our ghost hunting activities in 1974, and it would be years before we started looking for ghosts again. 



The red square shows where the station wagon was parked. Unfortunately, the trees that created the tunnel effect are gone. Only a few remain. I have not visited the road in years and I do not know what happened to the trees.


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