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April 21, 2012 / mylifewithghosts

Dad’s Denial

As I said in an earlier post, my dad would not admit that the lake house was haunted.  But a few years later, he had an experience that made him realize that there is more to life than what you can see.  In 1974 Dad surrendered to the ministry and was ordained as a Southern Baptist minister.  He started a church in the Cedar Park area in 1975 and was pastor of the church until 1979.  During his time as minister of the church in Cedar Park, he received a call from a woman who lived near the church.  The woman wanted Dad to come and talk to her husband.  Her husband had tried to commit suicide.  He drove out to a ranch near Burnet, Texas, sat down under a tree and took an overdose of drugs.  The rancher who owned the property found him and was able to get medical help for the man before he died.  Dad went to the house to see the man and his wife invited him in and told Dad he was in the den.  The woman then left.  Dad went in to meet the man, who did not really want to talk to Dad, but had agreed to do so to pacify his wife.  The man told Dad that Dad did not know what he was dealing with.   The man told Dad to look at a picture on the mantel over the fireplace, then made a gesture at the picture.  The picture then slid across the mantel.  Dad said every hair on the back of his neck stood up.  Now, if you know anything about magicians, this is an easy trick to pull off without involving anything supernatural.  The only reason that Dad accepted it as real is due to what happened next.  The man told Dad, in an arrogant manner, that he wanted to ask Dad some questions.  Dad agreed and started to answer each question that the man answered.  An amazing thing happened to Dad!  For every question the man asked, the appropriate verse from the Bible that provided an answer, came to my dad.  The questioning went on for hours, yet Dad was able to answer each question and show verses in the Bible that backed up the answer.  Dad had a good memory, but he told me that there was no way he could have known all the Bible passages for each question without help from the Holy Spirit.  He told me he felt the enabling of the Holy Spirit as he was answering the questions.  Sometime during the time that the question and answer session was going on, the man’s wife returned and was listening.  After the hours of questioning from the man, he finally told Dad that every question he had asked was answered, and he was ready to accept Jesus.  At that moment, the wife spoke up and said, “He has his own religion”, after which the man stopped talking and backed down.  Sadly, the opportunity passed and the man would no longer talk with Dad.  A few days later, the man was successful in killing himself.  His wife will have to live with her interruption and the fate her husband suffered afterwards.  But the experience allowed my dad to realize that the experiences he had in the lake house were real and finally allowed him to admit to us that ghosts and hauntings were possible.

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