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April 21, 2012 / mylifewithghosts

The Beginning, Part 2

This is the continuation of my first blog.  I started telling my story about living in a haunted house. I ended with the observation that I believe that the only time the ghost came downstairs was that first time. I discussed this with my sister, Karan, who is 1-1/2 years younger than I am and who has a photographic memory. She agrees with me that the ghost never seemed to come downstairs after that one incident. As I said, the ghost seemed dormant until my dad and I finished out the upstairs. We installed the plumbing for the two bathrooms, finished the electrical, installed paneling, doors and tiled the floor. Mom and dad moved upstairs to the master bedroom and Carl and Rick moved to the second bedroom at the top of the stairs. One bathroom was beside the master bedroom and one was at the top of the stairs beside the other bedroom. If I remember correctly, we did not furnish the family room very much. I do not remember ever using it. Our family continued using the family area downstairs near the fireplace for the entire time we lived there. Of course, that was where the TV was and in those days, most families had only one TV. Today, there may be one or more TV’s in each room.

After my parents and two brothers moved upstairs, the ghost became more active. He could be heard walking upstairs when everyone else was downstairs in the family room watching TV. He would close and open doors. Once Carl was going to the bathroom late at night and he glanced in the mirror and saw someone walk by the door. It was not Rick. My dad got up one morning to get ready for work and heard someone walk past the door, go into the upstairs family room, open the balcony door, go outside and close the door. He thought my mom had gotten up and had gone out on the balcony. A short time later he went into the bathroom and my mom was still in bed. He checked the balcony door and it was locked from the inside. So events like this continued. The strange thing is that I do not remember it really bothering us. I do not even really thinking about living in a haunted house. I only began to think about it that way after we moved out. I did find out that my dad was in denial about the haunting. It was a few years later that I found out that he did not let himself believe that a ghost was sharing the house with us. I will tell story of his “revelation” in a later blog. Late in 1973 as my parents sold the house and moved to 15 acres west of Leander, the ghost made one last thing happen that my family experienced. As Karan and some of the others, maybe mom and dad, were riding the trolley up to the driveway with the last load, they heard a door slam in the upstairs. I do not know if the ghost was saying goodbye or good riddance.

By the way, we did not move out because of the ghost. As I said in the first blog, the house was built on a hill. The house sat in a cut out of the hill. The utility room, and the boy’s bedroom we built, was against the hill. There was a space of about 3 feet between the house and the hill. When it rained, water ran down the hill and ended up behind the house. For the first couple of years, we did not have any problem with water. Then water started coming into the bedroom. The back wall was made of cinder block that was painted and was sealed on the outside. My dad and I tried to reseal the outside, but we were unable to stop the water. So anytime there was a good rain, about 1-2” of water would collect in the bedroom. We finally got tired of it and decided it was time to move. So, for the record, the ghost did not run us out.

That was the last experience with ghosts for a while for our family. Karan, Carl, Rick and I joined with some young people from a church in Austin to do some ghost hunting a year later. I will discuss that in a later blog. But beyond that, we forgot about the ghost for several years. We all were together for a holiday at my parents’ house in Tomball, Texas, and started talking about it and rekindling our memories about those few years.

Before I go on, I should discuss what I know about the house after we moved out. One thing that helped us understand that something was going on at the house was that the ghost was still active. The family who bought the house from my parents had a young daughter. If I remember correctly, she was of junior high age. After a few months, she approached one of my brothers or sisters and asked if the house was haunted. They were experiencing the same things our family had experienced. The girl even experienced more…one day she was taking a shower in the bathroom at the top of the stairs. It was an interior bathroom with no outside lighting. As she was taking a shower, the lights went out in the bathroom. Her parents had gone out for a short time and when they came back, she told them about the lights going out. They found that all the power was out on the second floor. Her dad examined the breaker panel for the upstairs, which was in the utility room at the back of the house; he found all the breakers switched off. It was my understanding that the breakers did not trip, but were all switched to the off position.

Throughout the years, some of my family has kept up with the house. I remember that they talked with at least one owner sometime in the 90’s and the owner confirmed that unexplained noises and the opening/closing of doors still occurred. My mom and Karan spoke with a later owner a couple of years ago (he and his wife may still own it) and finally convinced him to discuss the occurrences there. He told them that his wife would hear someone walking upstairs and hear other things like the doors opening and closing. She would call the police and they would come and check out the house. Finally, the police told her husband to tell her not to call any more. There was no one in the house! So, the haunting apparently goes on.

In the next blog I will discuss our ghost hunting activities in 1974.

Until then, say hi to your favorite ghost for me.

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