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May 17, 2012 / mylifewithghosts

Spalding Inn August 2011

In honor of Grant, I am uploading an audio clip of an event I experienced at the Spalding Inn in Whitefield, NH.  Jo and I spent the night there in August of 2011.  Tonight the Ghost Hunters investigated it.  As you may know, Grant and Jason own the inn.  Andrea Chevarie was on duty that night and she let me investigate the rooms in the Carriage House that were not occupied.  I had a camera mounted on a chest harness and I was carrying one in my hand.  I had a regular EMF meter and a Ghost Meter that lights up and beeps in a strong magnetic field.  I had my Sandisk Sansa Fuse media player to use a voice recorder.  I picked up magnetic fields in the rooms Andrea told me were the most active, but I captured nothing on video and no EVPs.  But I did have two things happen.  When I went upstairs, I had the Ghost Meter on and kept in on the whole time I was in the Carriage House.  It did not register anything when I went upstairs.  But when I came downstairs, it pegged out.  It almost gave me a heart attack, especially when at the same time I heard a loud moaning sound.  The moaning sound came from a woman in one of the occupied rooms downstairs.  Her husband talked to her and tried to comfort her because she was in pain.   So that ended up not being supernatural.  I stayed on the stairs for a little while and then went on downstairs to check out the unoccupied rooms there.  I later asked Andrea about the stairs and she told me that there are not EMF sources on the stairs.  While I was checking out the downstairs rooms, the battery on my chest mounted camera died.  I had forgotten to connect it to an external battery so that it would not run down.  So I had to take time to go through my backpack and find the battery.  The audio clip I have attached to this blog entry covers the period of time I was looking for the battery.  It starts out with all kinds of sounds of me looking through the backpack for the battery.  All of a sudden I heard a door slam shut and lock.  You will clearly hear this on the clip.  It caught me by surprise.  It was definitely on the first floor, but I could not figure which door it was.  The doors onthe two occupied rooms on the first floor were completely closed by the occupants and none of the open doors had closed.  You will hear me on the clip just being silent.  The I finally go back to looking for the battery and the clip ends.  I finally figured out that it was the front door to the Carriage House that had slammed and locked.  When I had closed up all the open rooms and started to make my way back to the main building, I found the front door locked.  I thought it strange that the front door would be locked because that is a safety hazzard.  I asked Andrea about it when I got back to the front desk to give her the key to the room and she told me that she did not close it all the way when she left.  She left it slightly ajar.  Andrea tells about the ghost that locks the door in the episode tonight.  Apparently the ghost did not like my investigating and locked the door to keep anyone else from coming in to investigate.  The door closing is about 26 seconds into the clip.   Grant Wilson, we are going to miss you.  I hope the time will not be long before your personal business allows you to come back and join the show again.

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