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July 7, 2012 / mylifewithghosts

Jo has an experience

My wife, Jo, finally had an experience she cannot deny.  We were staying in the Oak Grove Inn and Suites in Oak Grove, LA overnight on July 4.  We were preparing to leave on July 5 and Jo was curling her hair and reached to pick up a comb she had been using.  She was unable to find it anywhere in the room or in any bag.  She finally gave up and we continued getting ready.  Jo wanted to go and get some ice for our ice chest, and when she opened the door, her comb was outside in the hall, laying parallel to the door.  She told me about it, then picked it up.  To test the idea that she dropped it and it slid under the door, she tried to slide it under herself, but it took some effort.  It could not have simply slid under the door after being dropped, especially ending up parallel to the door.  Now neither of us went into the hall until Jo was going to get the ice.  The sink at which she was working was beside the door, so I could not have slipped by her to put the comb in the hall.  I would could not have missed her opening the door to put the comb out there.  So there was no way either of us could have done it as a joke.  Jo definitely used the comb just before curling her hair.  The only explanation was that one of our ghosts or a ghost that was visiting us in the room slid it under the door.  I figure that the ghosts were tired of her skepticism.  Jo always said that she needed to have something happen to her that she could not deny and this was it.

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