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October 24, 2012 / mylifewithghosts

Dr Pepper Museum, Waco Texas — October 19, 2012

On October 19, 2012, I participated in a public investigation of the Dr Pepper Museum and the Kellum-Rotan Building on the museum grounds.  I have been accepted as a member of the McClennan County Paranorma Investigations (MCPI) group which is based in Waco.  The public was invited to attend.  Investigations were scheduled hourly for the Dr Pepper Museum bulding and the basement of the Kellum-Rotan building.  I assisted with the investigation in the Kellum-Rotan building.  I brought my equipment to use on the investigation, including 3 EMF pumps, which can provide a source of energy to the spirits in the area, allowing them to manifest themselves into the physical reality more easily.  I also provided a Ghost Box (digital AM/FM radio modified to continually scan the channels while playing the output through a built-in or external speaker) and an external speaker that allowed a group of people to more clearly hear the radio.  I also had an new device, a Yes/No box, that has two proximity detectors (one at each end), which were labeled Yes on one end and No on the other.  This should allow a spirit to answer yes/no questions by activating the appropriate proximity detector.  We did not get much of a response in our first use of it on this event.  I also have 3 IR cameras, 2 K2 meters, 1 Ghost Meter and 2 directional EMF meters.  I let people in the group borrow the meters during the investigation to give them the experience of using the devices and to give better coverage of the area with the EMF meters.  My sister, Karan, attended the event and she and I used my IR cameras.  I will post photos/video/audio of any events of interest I captured in this blog.  I will also post them on the MCPI Facebook page (!/pages/McLennan-County-Paranormal-Investigations/93394088385).  There is also a website for MCPI (

Check this blog periodically for updates I will post as I work through my video, photos and audio.  If you want to be notified automatically when I post, be sure to follow this blog and you will receive an email when I post an update.

1. Dust on the EMF pump.

As I mentioned above, I provided 3 EMF pumps for use in the basement of the Kellum-Rotan building.  Dano Grooms (the lead investigator for the building) and I placed the 3 pumps before the event opened.  All 3 pumps were clean when we placed them.  As we were leading an investigation I found that one of the pumps had dirt smeared on top.  We are fairly certain that none of the people in the investigations smeared the dust on the device.  Here is what it looked like.

2.  Hello Ken

I decided to film the Ghost Box display while we were using them so that I could show how the voices that came out of the box would speak over several channels.  This is one of the cool features of the Ghost Box.  The scanner only pauses for an instant at the end of the scale, but does not pause while a voice speaks from the box.  The voice remains the same as several words are spoken, even while the Ghost Box changes channels as it scans.  In the clip below, I am recording the Ghost Box and you will hear the words, “Hello, Ken” in a female voice.  My name is Ken.  I verified that neither my sister nor the other woman in the room at the time did not say this.  So, one of the spirits in the basement said hello to me.  The words are spoken 18 seconds into the video.  Hold your mouse over the video as it plays to see the counter.  Also, listen carefully to the video before the “Hello, Ken” and you will hear someone else say “Hello”.


Check back for updates to this post as I work through the media.


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