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December 11, 2013 / mylifewithghosts

Shoes from Nowhere

My shoes and the mystery shoes

My shoes and the mystery shoes

In June 2006, one of Jo’s uncles passed away. He lived in Midland and the funeral was to be there. We joined other family members there for his funeral, staying in a Ramada Limited on West Wall Street. We spent one night in the hotel. When we checked in, Jo opened the luggage stand in the closet and laid out some pants on it so the wrinkles would fall out. This is an important point in what I am going to say. The luggage stand was folded up and leaning against the wall when we came into the room. When we woke up the next morning and were getting ready to go to the funeral, Jo asked, “where did these shoes come from”. I looked in the closed and there was a pair of shoes under the luggage stand that looked like they were kicked off under the stand. Jo told me that the shoes looked like they were size 5 women’s shoes and they were not hers. I know that the shoes were not there when we came in that night because I took off my shoes and put them under the stand. There was nothing on the stand when I did this. I have posted a picture of the shoes and you can see my shoes under the stand. My shoes are the black shoes with white insides. One of the shoes is touching my shoes. Since nothing was on the stand, I would have seen the shoes when I put my shoes under the stand, especially the one that was touching mine. I know that the doors had the deadbolt locked as well as the contraption that lets you open the door, but limits how far it opens, was engaged. I heard someone rattle the doorknob about 10pm and I checked the locks. There is a door that goes to one of the rooms next door, but that door was locked also. There was no way anyone could have gotten into the room, yet there were the shoes. It is a mystery how they got into the room and under the luggage stand, but they did. I left the shoes in the closet and generated quite a bit of shock when I asked the ladies cleaning the rooms if something like this had ever happened before….which they indicated that such a thing had not happened before. I was tempted to take the shoes, but I left them in the room. So, that is the story of the shoes from nowhere.

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