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January 4, 2014 / mylifewithghosts

Face in the Copier

This post is related to the Daycare Investigation which was posted in April 2012.  I do not remember the year, but the pictures you are going to see here came from a copier at the daycare.  One of the employees was copying a drawing of a Christmas tree for a project that the kids she worked with were going to do.  One sheet came out of the copier with a face on it.  The face occupies 1/4 of the page.  The Christmas tree can be seen faintly in the background.  The face appears between the paper and the glass surface of the copier.  I copied this image from my son, Jesse, who has the original.  Jesse tried to copy his face on the copier and there is no way that he could fit is face in the size area shown in the picture.  His face took up the whole size of a letter size image.  Who is this in the image?  During the Daycare investigation I asked if this was a guardian.  I suspected this since the daycare is on the location of an India burial ground.  I received an affirmative response.  So, this may be the guardian of the burial ground.  Did the woman who was doing the copying fake this?  It does not look like a fake.  If a picture was put under the 1/4 page in which it appears, the rest of the original should be more clear.  The woman that was doing the copying was totally shocked and freaked out when she saw this page.  The rest of the women in the daycare were scared by it.  It is a very interesting document.  The first image is of the entire letter size copy.

Face on copy

The second picture is a close up of the 1/4 page in which the image appears.

This is a close up of the face on the page

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  1. Mike Jacobus / Jan 5 2014 1:54 am

    This is freaky.going to post it!!!


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