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December 10, 2014 / mylifewithghosts

Liberty Hotel, Cleburne, TX

February 18-19 2011

On February 18, 2011, my mom, sister Karan, niece Caitlin and niece Shelby spent the night in the Liberty Hotel in Cleburne Texas.  The stayed in room 412.  We had heard that room 410 was the most haunted and it was just down the hall.  My wife, Jo, joined us for supper and then went home to Burleson, where we live.  I went back up to the 4th floor and spent some time outside room 410.  I was using my directional EMF detector and found a cylindrical magnetic field outside room 410.  It was about 1.5 feet in diameter and extended to 1 foot short of the ceiling and 1 foot short of the floor.  It was free floating and was moving toward the door, then back away from it.  I went to room 412 and told everyone that they needed to come into the hall and see what I found.  I showed them the magnetic field and we looked around for a bit and went back to 412.  I had a recorder going during our time outside room 410 and played my recording back.  Near the door I picked up a strange voice saying “Mine, mine…unintelligible”  We talked over the voice, so could not hear what was said after the “mine, mine”.  Down the hall from room 410 is an elevator.  I captured a very soft EVP saying, “excuse me” while looking at the area around the elevator.  It was a polite spirit.

Liberty Hotel

Liberty Hotel

Room 410

Room 410 where the cylindrical EMF field was floating

This picture was taken while standing in front of room 412

This picture was taken while standing in front of room 412

Room 410 from down the hallway

Digital Camera

Looking toward Room 410 from the elevator

“Mine” EVP, captured outside Room 410

“Excuse Me” EVP captured by the elevator.  You will need to listen closely to hear it.



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  1. Rebecca Robinson / May 29 2017 8:09 am

    Oh my gosh, we stayed in room 410. It was so strange because sometimes when I would look at the alarm clock- it would read 12:00 and then re-set to the correct time. I kept telling my husband this, but he didn’t believe me. We stayed here for two nights and didn’t know it was a haunted hotel. I couldn’t sleep for the two nights we were there.

    • Richard Jensen / Aug 19 2018 8:25 am

      It a creepy place

  2. Richard Jensen / Aug 19 2018 8:22 am

    I stayed in this room! Did not like it. While I was taking a shower I had the shower curtain blow up against my side just as if someone slammed the door shut or fan blew it against me! But none of that was possible I was the only 1 in the room and no fans on no Windows open. Needles to say I did not sleep that night

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