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April 9, 2015 / mylifewithghosts

Restaurant in the Rockwall, Texas area

This post concerns a restaurant in the Rockwall area.  I have visited it 3 times since I discovered it.

The first time I visited the restaurant, I ordered breakfast and it was very good.  I told the server that all that was missing is if they had a ghost.  She told me that they did have a ghost.  The ghost would pick items off of the shelves in the kitchen and drop them on the floor, often in view of the people in the kitchen.  An item would be placed in a location, but would be moved when the workers came in the next morning.  It sounded to me that the ghost was trying to get their attention.  One of the owners came in and I asked her about the ghost.  She and her family were very concerned about the ghost (I would even say terrified).  I told the lady that I could help discover what was going on and try to help.  I planned on discussing it with the owners the next time I came in.  I could not go back the next Friday, but did go there on the 2nd Friday.  I found the restaurant closed.  I went back several times, but it was still closed.  I found a Facebook page for the restaurant and found out that the next Friday was the last day the restaurant was open.  The owners said that running the restaurant was too much work in addition to their other jobs.

From time to time I drove by the building and one day a sign appeared announcing that a store/restaurant would be opening soon.  After it opened, I went there and had breakfast again.  I asked my server about the ghost and she said that there is a ghost at the restaurant.  The activity was not as pronounced as it was before….things did not come off of the shelves with them.  The new owners and workers did not have any anxiety about the ghost and were copacetic with the ghost.  They called the ghost “George”.  I got permission to get my ghost bag out of my car (I always carry equipment with me) and had a question period with the ghost using dowsing rods.  I found that the ghost was actually a woman and did not want to be called George or even Georgette.  I suggested “Lady” and she indicated that was OK.  My server suggested “Ms Lady”, but she did not want to be called that, so Lady it was.  I talked with the workers for a while, then left, saying I would come back.  I can’t pass up a good restaurant with a ghost.

It was several months before I was able to get back.  I ate lunch again and talked with my server about the ghost.  She told me that nothing had happened since I was last there.  Others there agreed…there had been no activity since my first visit.  There was no indication that Lady was still there.  I had a Ghost Meter in my bag and pulled it out and sat it on the table.  It had a small reading, but the lights were not flashing.  When I used a syringe to inject insulin, the meter pegged out and the lights started flashing continually.  I have seen this behavior on a Ghost Meter at Burleson investigations.  Apparently it is easy to make a Ghost Meter go off.  I wanted to verify that Lady was still there, so I used a K2 meter to ask her to light it up if she was still there.  She did so.  It appears that Lady only wanted the owners and workers to know she was there and ceased all activity that made her presence know.  I thought that was pretty cool.  I will be going back to the restaurant periodically and will check to see if she is still there.

Video of the Ghost meter after I gave myself an insulin shot


The K2 flashes in response to my asking the Lady to let me know she is there.  I was whispering and I am hard to hear.


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