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April 10, 2015 / mylifewithghosts

Cleburne Texas March 12, 2011

On March 12, 2011, I went on a ghost tour in Cleburne, Texas. It was led by Mary (I do not know her last name) and I was the only participant. The tour mainly dealt with one building.  It was very interesting because in the late 1800’s it housed a brothel, casino, saloon and a gentlemen’s club.  The building had just been used in a Dean Cain movie named “The Jonas Project”.  The stairwell on the 1st floor has commandoes coming down it in the movie.  I am posting the video raw, just as I shot it.  My camera has a small infrared LED array on it, so the IR kind of gets engulfed by the darkness in the building.  Before I show the videos, I want to show a picture of the building we explored.


This building is on East Chambers Street.

Here are the videos.  There are 5 of them and there is no editing of them.






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