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September 1, 2015 / mylifewithghosts

Modified Steve Huff Portal – Tested at the Burleson Visitor Center

On Friday August 28, 2015, I tested a modified Huff Portal at the Burleson Visitor Center. Pat and Vivian were there waiting to see if anyone would drop by for the Historical Ghost Tour. I told them that I wanted to test the device since there were plenty of ghosts there to test it. I put it together…it consists of a guitar amplifier with reverb capabilities, a noise reduction guitar pedal and the signal source. I was using an HP Stream 8 tablet with several Ghost Hunter Apps Windows ghost box applications. I have 3 of the apps installed: SCD-1, Vocibus and Ghost Box Rift. I connected the tablet to the noise reduction pedal. I tested all three apps and a ghost box made from a modified Radio Shack radio. You will hear me use all 4 sources in the audio. The most effective is the Ghost Box Rift application. The portal sounds like being in a crowded restaurant, but if you listen closely, you will be able to make out words and responses to our questions, especially on the Ghost Box Rift. I also have a picture of my portal below. WARNING: There is some bad language used by some of the ghosts. If you cannot stand to hear the “F” word, you do not want to listen to the audio. I was not aware that we have potty mouthed ghosts in Burleson.

Here is the full, uncut audio:


Here is a picture of my portal:

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