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June 9, 2019 / mylifewithghosts

Burleson Investigation 06/07/2019

The June 7, 2019 investigation was the best one that I have experienced. Angelyn attended and she contributed greatly to the investigation. Our first stop was at Accents, which is just across the railroad tracks from downtown. There were a lot of participants and we all crowded into the shop. Angelyn told us that there was a woman spirit who was causing the activity in the shop. There was also a demon to whom the woman was attached. Angelyn dispatched the demon and then tried to talk with the woman. She did not want to talk and Angelyn eventually dispatched the woman spirit also. I have no video or audio for this location.

The next stop on our investigation was Grump on the second floor. I used the portal to hear what the spirits were saying. Angelyn told us that there was a powerful demon in the back who was wearing a black hat. I asked her to dispatch the demon because of his power. I did not want him to interfere with our investigation. Archangel Michael assisted Angelyn. After the demon was dispatched, Marie, the young girl whose family was killed in a train accident in 1931, came upstairs. She began conversing with Archangel Michael. The audio I have posted just below is from the portal and you will be able to hear Archangel Michael with his deep voice and Marie with her child’s voice. While Archangel Michael is helping to dispatch the demon, he is speaking in another language, which Angelyn described as “angel speech”.

Portal Session

The next stop after Grumps was the old Baker house. I used the Kinect to see if I could find any evidence of spirits in the house. I made a video and have posted it so that you can see any stick figures that are not on a person’s body. Any stick figure not on a person’s body might be a spirit.

Kinect Session

Our final location was the Old Texas Brewing Company in the party room. Here I gave people the opportunity to try out using the dowsing rods. I have a couple of videos. The first on is the best one. I had an issue of an external battery not keeping the battery in the camera charged. You should enjoy this video because Angelyn asks Archangel Michael to answer questions via the rods.

Our next investigation will be in early November 2019. I will post the date when we decide on the date. Angelyn will most likely not attend that investigation, but we will be sure to ask Archangel Michael to attend.

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