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Ken with EMF Listener 1

This blog has been created to share the experiences of a person who has lived with and continues to live with ghosts.  My blog posts tell the story from the beginning and will also feature infomation about investigations I carry out.  I am an amature ghost hunter with an interest into understanding the places I encounter in which ghosts live and are willing to make themselves known.

By the way, I moved this blog from another blog site.  I cut and pasted the blog postings from that site to this one, so if it seems that the posts were written with days or months between, they were.  I edited some of them to remove statements indicating that it had been months between my postings, but they may still have the feeling of a long period of time between them.

The content of this blog, unless otherwise specified, is the property of the blog owner.  Permission is granted for downloading or copying content for personal use.  If reposted by an individual, the reposted content must be attributed to  Using the content for monetary gain is prohibited without permission.  Claiming generation, capture or ownership of any content is prohibited.

If you want to contact me, my email address is:




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  1. Nancy Kalka / Nov 17 2018 8:39 pm

    Hi Ken. Last night in Burleson you mentioned a particular case & said to message you if anyone was interested in it. So, what can you tell me about it? I understand I’m not to discuss it with anyone. Thank you Ken!

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