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Dealing with a Ghost Acting up

The Hahn investigation was done by Pat Dexheimer, Vivian Wright and Ken Strong to deal with a ghost problem that two ladies, a mother and daughter, who lived in the Fort Worth area.  They were experiencing some rather upsetting happenings in their house.  The mother was about 50 and the daughter was in her late 30’s.  The had to deal with mists in the living room, the TV turning itself on, lights turning themselves on and a man standing in the doorway of the daughter’s room  and watching her.  Pat, Vivian and I are a team who will work to help people with ghost issues.  We are based out of Burleson.  The video that is attached tells the story.  It is unedited.  There is a jump in it about 50 minutes in because I had to restart the camera due to file size limitations on SD cards.

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