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This page provides definitions of the terms I use in my blog.

1. Spirit/Ghost:  A spirit or ghost is a person whose body has died.  I have seen some people object to using the word “ghost” to describe a dead person, but that is just a misunderstanding of the word.  When the King James Bible was translated, the word ghost was normally used to translate the Greek word, pneuma, which means spirit.   The word was not derogatory, but was the manner in which the people of the time spoke of spirits.  As the King James Bible was the primary Bible used by Christians for many years, the use of the word ghost to mean spirit became the word of general usage.  I have started using the word spirit in my blog because that is a more modern translation of the Greek word.  My quick definition of a ghost or spirit is a person without a physical body.

2. EMF/EMFs:  EMF stands for electromagnetic field.  Here is the Wikipedia definition:  The field can be viewed as the combination of an electric field and a magnetic field. The electric field is produced by stationary charges, and the magnetic field by moving charges (currents); these two are often described as the sources of the field. (  In “ghost hunting” an EMF that is not associated with a known or detectable physical source, but is found in an area where there should not be an EMF, is usually associated with a spirit attempting to manifest or manifesting him or herself into the physical reality.  Using a EMF meter to observe and define such a field can help identify if the field is being generated by wiring, equipment or other electronic source.  If no other source can be found, I start working on the assumption that a spirit is attempting to make himself or herself know to me.  If the EMF responds to questions, that is a strong indicator that the EMF is not naturally generated.  This concept is very controversial in the scientific community.  Scientist usually do not understand why a spirit, if such exists, would manifest using EMFs.  My belief is that a spirit resides in a non-physical, spirit component of reality.  This reality we live in is made up of a physical component and a non-physical component.  Most of us who have physical bodies cannot observe the non-physical component.  There are some who have brains wired in such a way that they can see into the non-physical component and interact with it in varying degrees.  A spirit, on the other hand can perceive the physical component, but not interact with it, but they can tap into the energy in the physical component and use that energy to generate EMFs to interact with it.  This is how they are able to manipulate physical objects and speak, usually in EVPs, but sometimes they speak audibly.  I believe that those who gain mastery of EMFs are even able to manifest physically for a short time, which we see as an apparition.  This is not an exhaustive explanation , but that is not my purpose here.

3. More to come as I have time to update this listing

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