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This page covers the equipment I use for my investigations. 

1. K2 Meter – This is a popular meter that is used by many investigators.  The frequency of electromagnetic fields (EMFs) it covers seem to be the most common that spirits generate as they try to manifest in the physical reality.  I currently have two of these meters.

2. Ghost Meter – This is another meter that has come to be popular among investigators.  It has flashing lights and a beeper (volume if variable) that will alert the user quickly when it is triggered by a spirit.

3. ElectroSensor EMF Meter

This meter is a directional meter that works well for defining the boundaries of an EMF.  This meter uses LED lights to indicate field strength.

4. EVP Listener

This is an interesting device.  It is an amplifier with an input jack.  The EVP listener is a bundle that includes the amplifier, a telephone pickup and a headset.  Plug the telephone pickup into the input and the headset in the output and you have a device that can hear EMFs.  It is also supposed to act like a Ghost Box and allow one to hear words or phrases from a spirit.

5. Dowsing Rods

Dowsing rods are an interesting tool that I have recently started using.  In the past, I viewed them as an equivalent to the Ouija Board.  But when I first saw them used in an investigation in Burleson Texas, I began to re-evaluate them.  After trying and testing them, I finally determined that the spirits could manipulate them using the magnetic fields they generate.  The dowsing rods used in Burleson and I use are made of ferrous metals, which can be manipulated by magentic fields.  The ones shown in the picture below are copper coated steel.  So I no longer see these type of dowsing rods as occult objects. 

Dowsing rods are used to solicit Yes/No answers from spirits.  You ask the spirit(s) with whom you are communicating to make the rods cross to indicate yes and make the rods move apart to indicate no.  It is a very strange feeling to see the rods move in your hands without your doing anything to cause them to move.

6. Bell and Howell IR Camera

This camera is an inexpensive IR camera that works well in small areas.  Its range can be extended using IR illuminators.  It records IR video in 720p resolution.  It can record approximately 1 hour of video at one time at 720p.  This is due to the file size limitation of the Fat32 file system used to format memory cards.  Multiple hours can be recorded in 1 hour increments up to the limit of the SD memory card in the camera.  Nokia BL-5B high capacity batteries can be purchase online to extend the battery life for the camera.  The battery that comes with the camera may get up to 1 hour or recording time.  The camera can also take IR snapshots as well as snapshots and video as a normal camera.  A switch above the lense allows the user to slide an IR filter over the photo element to capture IR photos and videos.  The only source of these cameras I have been able to find is on Amazon.

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