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Little Bighorn Battlefield:

On July 9, 2012, Jo and I visited the Little Bighorn Battlefield in Bighorn MT.  I walked arount Last Stand Hill and took pictures of the monuments and of the Indian Memorial.
Since I knew that many had died violently there, I thought there may be a possibility of capturing EVP.  While I was taking pictures in the Indian Monument, I captured gunshots.  I did not hear them audibly, but they were capture in my recorder.  Gunshots get my attention, so I they would have been audible, I would have immediately focused on them.   I did not see any re-enactments being performed on the battlefield.  My only explanation is that i captured the gunshots from a battle that occured in the spot 136 years ago.   I have cut just the clip containing the gunshots and have amplified thee clip.  There was gravel in the Indian Monument, so you can hear it crunch as I am taking pictures and you can hear the sound of my camera as I take pictures.  I was in the monument by myself.  I captured no other EVPs.

Gunshots at Little Bighorn


EVP at home – January 21, 2013

This is an EVP I captured in a short session I did to determine if there are any ghosts currently at my house.  This is a short clip in which I ask, “I ask you….do you talk to me from time to time?”.  A few seconds later, a voice says, “I do”.  It is faint, even when amplified.  Listen closely.

EVP Only






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  1. Wow…you can clearly hear the gunshots and the voice is plain as day!!! Good catch…I’m jealous

  2. wendy gunkel / Apr 20 2016 8:27 pm

    when I capture EVP’s it takes the spirit a few minutes to clearly answer, it takes a lot of energy for them to respond in my house. The very first EVP was around midnight, when I asked spirit to manifest so I could see them the response I heard on the playback was “Turn Around”

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