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September 1, 2015 / mylifewithghosts

Modified Steve Huff Portal – Tested at the Burleson Visitor Center

On Friday August 28, 2015, I tested a modified Huff Portal at the Burleson Visitor Center. Pat and Vivian were there waiting to see if anyone would drop by for the Historical Ghost Tour. I told them that I wanted to test the device since there were plenty of ghosts there to test it. I put it together…it consists of a guitar amplifier with reverb capabilities, a noise reduction guitar pedal and the signal source. I was using an HP Stream 8 tablet with several Ghost Hunter Apps Windows ghost box applications. I have 3 of the apps installed: SCD-1, Vocibus and Ghost Box Rift. I connected the tablet to the noise reduction pedal. I tested all three apps and a ghost box made from a modified Radio Shack radio. You will hear me use all 4 sources in the audio. The most effective is the Ghost Box Rift application. The portal sounds like being in a crowded restaurant, but if you listen closely, you will be able to make out words and responses to our questions, especially on the Ghost Box Rift. I also have a picture of my portal below. WARNING: There is some bad language used by some of the ghosts. If you cannot stand to hear the “F” word, you do not want to listen to the audio. I was not aware that we have potty mouthed ghosts in Burleson.

Here is the full, uncut audio:


Here is a picture of my portal:

June 28, 2015 / mylifewithghosts

Burleson Investigation – June 12, 2015

The videos for the Burleson investigation on June 12, 2015 have been uploaded. Access the Burleson page here:

June 23, 2015 / mylifewithghosts

Burleson Investigation – June 05, 2015

I have posted the June 05, 2015 investigation videos on the Burleson page.   Here is the link to the page:  Burleson

April 10, 2015 / mylifewithghosts

Cleburne Texas March 12, 2011

On March 12, 2011, I went on a ghost tour in Cleburne, Texas. It was led by Mary (I do not know her last name) and I was the only participant. The tour mainly dealt with one building.  It was very interesting because in the late 1800’s it housed a brothel, casino, saloon and a gentlemen’s club.  The building had just been used in a Dean Cain movie named “The Jonas Project”.  The stairwell on the 1st floor has commandoes coming down it in the movie.  I am posting the video raw, just as I shot it.  My camera has a small infrared LED array on it, so the IR kind of gets engulfed by the darkness in the building.  Before I show the videos, I want to show a picture of the building we explored.


This building is on East Chambers Street.

Here are the videos.  There are 5 of them and there is no editing of them.






April 9, 2015 / mylifewithghosts

Restaurant in the Rockwall, Texas area

This post concerns a restaurant in the Rockwall area.  I have visited it 3 times since I discovered it.

The first time I visited the restaurant, I ordered breakfast and it was very good.  I told the server that all that was missing is if they had a ghost.  She told me that they did have a ghost.  The ghost would pick items off of the shelves in the kitchen and drop them on the floor, often in view of the people in the kitchen.  An item would be placed in a location, but would be moved when the workers came in the next morning.  It sounded to me that the ghost was trying to get their attention.  One of the owners came in and I asked her about the ghost.  She and her family were very concerned about the ghost (I would even say terrified).  I told the lady that I could help discover what was going on and try to help.  I planned on discussing it with the owners the next time I came in.  I could not go back the next Friday, but did go there on the 2nd Friday.  I found the restaurant closed.  I went back several times, but it was still closed.  I found a Facebook page for the restaurant and found out that the next Friday was the last day the restaurant was open.  The owners said that running the restaurant was too much work in addition to their other jobs.

From time to time I drove by the building and one day a sign appeared announcing that a store/restaurant would be opening soon.  After it opened, I went there and had breakfast again.  I asked my server about the ghost and she said that there is a ghost at the restaurant.  The activity was not as pronounced as it was before….things did not come off of the shelves with them.  The new owners and workers did not have any anxiety about the ghost and were copacetic with the ghost.  They called the ghost “George”.  I got permission to get my ghost bag out of my car (I always carry equipment with me) and had a question period with the ghost using dowsing rods.  I found that the ghost was actually a woman and did not want to be called George or even Georgette.  I suggested “Lady” and she indicated that was OK.  My server suggested “Ms Lady”, but she did not want to be called that, so Lady it was.  I talked with the workers for a while, then left, saying I would come back.  I can’t pass up a good restaurant with a ghost.

It was several months before I was able to get back.  I ate lunch again and talked with my server about the ghost.  She told me that nothing had happened since I was last there.  Others there agreed…there had been no activity since my first visit.  There was no indication that Lady was still there.  I had a Ghost Meter in my bag and pulled it out and sat it on the table.  It had a small reading, but the lights were not flashing.  When I used a syringe to inject insulin, the meter pegged out and the lights started flashing continually.  I have seen this behavior on a Ghost Meter at Burleson investigations.  Apparently it is easy to make a Ghost Meter go off.  I wanted to verify that Lady was still there, so I used a K2 meter to ask her to light it up if she was still there.  She did so.  It appears that Lady only wanted the owners and workers to know she was there and ceased all activity that made her presence know.  I thought that was pretty cool.  I will be going back to the restaurant periodically and will check to see if she is still there.

Video of the Ghost meter after I gave myself an insulin shot


The K2 flashes in response to my asking the Lady to let me know she is there.  I was whispering and I am hard to hear.


December 10, 2014 / mylifewithghosts

Liberty Hotel, Cleburne, TX

February 18-19 2011

On February 18, 2011, my mom, sister Karan, niece Caitlin and niece Shelby spent the night in the Liberty Hotel in Cleburne Texas.  The stayed in room 412.  We had heard that room 410 was the most haunted and it was just down the hall.  My wife, Jo, joined us for supper and then went home to Burleson, where we live.  I went back up to the 4th floor and spent some time outside room 410.  I was using my directional EMF detector and found a cylindrical magnetic field outside room 410.  It was about 1.5 feet in diameter and extended to 1 foot short of the ceiling and 1 foot short of the floor.  It was free floating and was moving toward the door, then back away from it.  I went to room 412 and told everyone that they needed to come into the hall and see what I found.  I showed them the magnetic field and we looked around for a bit and went back to 412.  I had a recorder going during our time outside room 410 and played my recording back.  Near the door I picked up a strange voice saying “Mine, mine…unintelligible”  We talked over the voice, so could not hear what was said after the “mine, mine”.  Down the hall from room 410 is an elevator.  I captured a very soft EVP saying, “excuse me” while looking at the area around the elevator.  It was a polite spirit.

Liberty Hotel

Liberty Hotel

Room 410

Room 410 where the cylindrical EMF field was floating

This picture was taken while standing in front of room 412

This picture was taken while standing in front of room 412

Room 410 from down the hallway

Digital Camera

Looking toward Room 410 from the elevator

“Mine” EVP, captured outside Room 410

“Excuse Me” EVP captured by the elevator.  You will need to listen closely to hear it.


November 12, 2014 / mylifewithghosts

Burleson Investigation on October 31, 2014


The videos for the October 31, 2014 investigation have been posted.